Ta-dah! a Daffodil

Every year I text my mother a photo of my first sighting of her favorite flower – the daffodil. This year I caught a glimpse one week before Mr. Groundhog was even headed to his doorway. It might not seem such a big deal to those of us in California, but to someone like my mom who lives in the far northern reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula it’s a tantalizing treat, a movie-trailer for May’s coming attractions in her own back yard.

There’s something spontaneous and magical about daffodils as they stand in simple yet elegant confidence that reminds me of our Solar Plexus chakra. Sitting right there at the base of our ribs, it’s the center of our self-confidence.  Like the sunny yellow daffodil, the Solar Plexus is our personal calling card, trumpeting self-assurance and willpower into the world. It calls out,

Move aside winter, I’ve got something to show you. Hear what I have to say!”

How many of us are able to stand comfortably in our body, radiating a surety and optimism that is our birthright? Do you feel it? Maybe responsibility, illness, grief, or worry have weighed you down and dimmed your splendor and you want to feel that buoyancy again.

Radiate your light.

If you feel like it’s time for a reset, we have all types of practitioners at Luminessence that are here to help.

Does your skin glow with confidence? Mary Farrior of Fresno Skin Care has recently added her talents to Luminessence.

Help your body radiate strength and health with one of the many massage therapies from the talented Javier Huerta, Elle Jacinto, Cathy Lizardo, or Page Peters.

Does it feel like your willpower is clouded by an old emotional pattern? Contact Diane Enderson, Cai King, or Kate Robb to begin to shift that stale energy and find your resilience.

Perhaps you want to take a deeper look at the connection of confidence and your soul’s purpose through an astrology reading with Alexandra, another new face at Luminessence.

Looking for insight? Check our calendar or Meetup app for scheduled classes on a variety of topics.

We have a service that will help you stand true and confident.

And in the meantime…

Here’s a yoga asana that will connect you to your Solar Plexus and Heart energy centers:


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Toes pointed forward and knees soft, not locked. Activate your feet by grounding your heels and lift your toes off the floor to wiggle them briefly. Now stand on your toes, lifting your heels off the ground. Next, with feet flat on the ground, roll your feet to the outside edges, then, bring your knees together as you roll to the inside edges of your feet.

With your feet activated and flat on the floor, imagine roots flowing down from the soles of your feet and pull light up those roots, through your feet and legs as you scrunch your shoulders towards your ears. As you drop your shoulders and roll them back your hands will naturally open to the front, lifting your heart and bringing your Solar Plexus forward into the present. “Ta-dah!sana here I am!” as my friend @yoga_sista likes to say.

Share your Ta-dah! with us in the comments.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things from ground level,

Say “yes” to…

During a talk about gaining financial control of your life, I once heard author and financial advisor Suze Orman ask, “Are you saying ‘yes’ out of fear, or ‘no’ out of love?” Suddenly, for me, the chaotic drama of interpersonal relationships coalesced into a self-awareness of why I answered “yes” when I really, really heard and felt the “no” screaming throughout every part of me. Why wasn’t I saying “yes” to myself? Sure it made sense when I got angry, I had been used, or at least caught unawares, right? They should have known better than to take advantage of me like that!

No, I should have known better and over the years I have gotten better about defining myself and my needs. I continue to learn what makes for healthy personal boundaries and how best to maintain them. It’s a journey and it starts with saying “yes” to yourself.

Learn more about Personal Boundaries

Join me at Luminessence Saturday, October 5th from 10 am – 1 pm for Personal Boundaries: Identifying & Maintaining. We will use discussion and interactive techniques to learn to identify and maintain healthy physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries. Empower yourself!

Cost of class is $60. Register and secure your spot right here. Seats are limited!

Healthy boundaries protect your core beauty.

Hope to see you Saturday!


postscript details

Wear comfortable clothes. Writing materials will be available but bring your favorite journal if you have one. This class is best suited for adults 18 years or older. If you have questions, please email me cai@hummingbirdalchemy.com


Hello August!

For those of you who haven’t met me yet, my name is Cai (rhymes with ‘day’) and I am a Reiki practitioner, Empowerment Coach, and mindfulness teacher here at Luminessence. Today I’m sharing a thought with you on intentions.

Afterwards, I invite you to visit my website Hummingbird Alchemy to find out more about Reiki and my healing journey (and… pssst… get a thank you gift when you subscribe to my email!)


Here’s a word we encounter often, especially as we delve more deeply into understanding ourselves and the world around us. We hear ‘be clear in your intention’ and ‘hold the intention for the highest good’ but how do we do that? Think positive, right?

There-in lies a bit of the confusion, I believe, when it comes to living a life with purpose and intention: We think too much! Our brains are pattern-seeking devices with a job of categorizing every nanosecond of our lives. Each category creates fat file folders that manufacture more sub-folders until we have a bulging file cabinet with drawers that don’t close and countless piles scattered across our thoughts.

Try this

So I’m suggesting you try something a little different the next time you set an intention and this goes back to an earlier etymology of the word intendere – to stretch out. Stretch out beyond just thinking and engage all your senses in the process. Spend a bit of quiet time and run the idea through each of your five physical senses. What does that intention look and sound like? How does it feel to the touch? There will be a unique taste and smell to that intention. Let it take full sensual shape in your imagination and let it stretch out into your life and take root. As it roots, so will the enthusiasm that will feed its growth. Try it!


Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master & Empowerment Coach

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Summer Specials at Luminessence

Summer is here and it’s time to relax and start your vacation off on the right foot!

For the month of July treat yourself to a FREE 15-minute Crystal Medi- Mat session with any 60- or 90-Minute Massage treatment.

If you are looking for a little something more to help you recover from your vacation experience, our Sports Massage therapist Javier Huerta is offering a 15-minute stretching session, at no additional charge, as a complement to any Deep Tissue Massage scheduled in July.

We have an extra special deal on our Hot-Stone Foot Reflexology! Schedule your 60- minute pampering session with Cathy or Paige at the discounted rate of only $45! Need a little more pampering? Add a 30- minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage to this service for only $30 more.

Please see our calendar for upcoming wellness classes and healing events offered each month!

Get Happy!! 5:30 Every Wednesday

Announcement: Our Wednesday Restorative Yoga class has been moved to 5:30 for the Summer months. We hope this adjustment works a little better for those of you wanting to unwind and decompress after a hard day’s work.

With lots of love,

Let your light shine!

Exciting New Additions at Luminessence

Hello All,

We are very excited to announce that we are now offering Amethyst ( FIR) Therapy Sessions as a stand alone treatment or as an add on to any of our healing services. Enjoy a 30 minute bio-therapy session in our private healing suite and experience the immediate benefits of this scientifically backed therapeutic treatment.

Book your session ahead of time for the low price of $20.00 or as an add on to any of our therapy session at the discounted price of $10.00. It is recommended that for maintaining optimal health the Amethyst far infrared bio-mat should be used up to three times a week for thirty minute sessions.

What are far infrared rays?

Far infrared rays are part of the electro-magnetic light spectrum and are close to the light frequency of natural sunlight.  However, far infrared does not contain any of sunlight’s harmful UV/UVB radiation. The beneficial properties of far infrared light have received particular attention from the scientific community in recent years, although the first research conducted on this part of the light spectrum was undertaken by NASA decades ago.  Today, health practitioners from a wide range of disciplines agree on the beneficial properties of far infrared technology.

How does amethyst quartz enhance ionic and far infrared ray therapy?

Amethyst’s healing properties have been acknowledged and celebrated for centuries by ancient scientists, healers and others.  Now, modern science has confirmed the highly conductive properties of this remarkable mineral.  Amethyst crystals offer the most consistent and powerful delivery of far infrared light waves, and ionic effects to the human body.

What specific conditions and symptoms can the BioMat treat?

Because the BioMat’s far infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body and promotes our natural state of health and balance, it can be used to treat a wide range of health issues.

US FDA’s Medical Device 510K indications for use:

  • Relaxation of muscles,
  • Increase of local circulation where applied

Temporary relief of:

  • Minor muscle pain
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains
  • Minor strains
  • Minor muscular back pain

Other benefits found from the BioMat:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)
  • Reduced inflammation (where applied)
  • Promotes relaxation by application of heat
  • Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness

Fire Moon in Aries

Hello All,

Welcome April and a beautiful start to Spring!

Lots of exciting changes are happening at Luminessence! We are very pleased to now be offering Meditative Yoga every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 hosted by Lisa Williams of Perfect Balance Yoga. This class is a wonderful mid-week reset for the body, mind and spirit. The meditations Lisa incorporates into the class are profound and inspiring. You can RSVP for these weekly via our Meet-Up link on our web page. The class is $10.00 with a reservation or $15.00 for “day of” drop ins.

On Monday, April 8th Diane Enderson is holding a class for those wanting to learn more about working with their personal energy. These classes are always popular and Diane covers a range of topics regarding energy each month. The fee for this class is $20.00, no RSVP needed.

Thursday, April 11th at 5:30 we have class #3 in our Chakra Series which will focus on the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras! Perfect timing with April’s energy influences! This series is taught by Karuna Reiki Master Cai King and you can RSVP via the Meet- Up link on our website, as space is limited.

**Coming soon** We will soon be offering Crystal Bowl Sound Healing sessions in our brand new Sound Treatment room!!! Sessions will be customized and unique with options such as crystal layouts and light therapy available as well. We are very excited about this new addition to our service menu!! More information to follow.

As far as the energetic influence for April 2019: We have a New Moon in the beginning of April, the energy of this Fire Moon is going to bring challenges around the dynamics of family, partnerships and our jobs.

One of the reasons these energy fluctuations are brewing is because we also have Venus conjunct Neptune, which calls to us as individuals to remember the importance of personal care. Aries rules the Solar Plexus and our natural instincts surrounding trust. The conjunction of Venus and Neptune calls forward the maintaining of healthy personal boundaries and sticking to them! Trusting yourself to know what is the greatest good for you and for your physical and mental health!

We also have another influence this month which is Mars in the constellation of Gemini, my personal sign. This meeting of energies is all about talking and networking, a call to share with others our passions and truths. This is a great time to allow yourself to have those difficult conversations that you might normally avoid. Remember, when you trust yourself and honor your true feelings, soulful growth can occur. Personal growth and expansion of consciousness is the theme for April. Go ahead and stand up for yourself and the things you have been waiting to say!

That all being said, I have included a video below on the dangers of 5G cell towers being introduced into our communities. EMF pollution and the damage it does to all living things is something that I am passionate about and hope to educate others in hopes that a unified voice might inspire change! I have also included a link to the site where you can sign a petition against the introduction of 5G on a global scale.


If you would like to sign the petition and see additional information regarding 5G, PLEASE USE THE LINK ABOVE

Thank you so much for tuning in!

Remember, Let YOUR Light Shine : )

With Love,


The Full Snow Super Moon.

This evening under a crisp night sky the moon moves into perigee, its closest position to the Earth, for a second time this year!
This full moon is at zero degrees of Virgo and represents a time of deeper awakening.
For many, we may feel hit by a sudden awareness, a spotlight of energy focused on helping us to feel aspects of our inner-knowing, previously easy to ignore.


This Lunar cycle is occurring on a Virgo/Pisces axis, reminding us to honor the fragile balance between light and dark forces. During this time many are experiencing the illumination of vast aspects of our multidimensional souls.

Symbolically Pisces is represented by two fish swimming opposite one another, a reminder of the ever changing interplay that light and dark forces have upon one another. This time brings forward an awaking of awareness, and it is during such times many feel they are in a crisis of consciousness.

With the full moon shining on the water element of Pisces, we are called to reflect on the trails and tribulations that have carried us this far. We are also reminded to honor and celebrate our hard work and perseverance that brought us here; to where were are today. At the same time, Virgo’s influence begs us to find a way to blend our day-to-day routines with our ever-present spiritual needs and nature. Physical health issues may come to light at this time. The disharmony of the moment vs. our knowing of our infinite-self is an aspect to focus on during this full moon.

February’s full moon is also know as the “wolf moon” or the” full hunger” moon. It’s energy reflects on the surface of waters that hold the darkest depths of our souls.

It is in these depths that lie our deepest hidden fears and buried emotions. It is upon these same waters that this moon shines it’s light, bringing old hindrances forward and self-imposed limitations to the surface.

We are ready to move forward unburdened. Lifting these heavy feelings and thoughts into the healing light of the moon. Lifting these limitations allows us to move forward to a clearer, brighter, more balanced future.

Are there things that have constantly held you back in the past? Limitations of self that you have believed were a life sentence? Energy of lack that has held you back from being all that you were always destined to become? The time is ripe to change these old patterns and to move into a more balanced consciousness here on Earth.

Many are feeling an aspect of: Do It Now, time is running out. It is an eyes-wide-open sense, where we will be receiving strong messages of intuition. These feelings are being called to the surface after a period earlier this year where we felt stuck or constantly boxed into frustrating situations.

Go within. The Light of YOU is waiting there.

This “illumination” is showing us any imbalances between work and service, criticism and acceptance. The vast shades of grey in an ever-diminishing right-or-wrong collective.

It is time to express yourself! Stand up proud. Be you! Open your eyes wide to the world around you. Release old fears and trappings of the heart. Swim freely. Float through the hard times knowing that the way is here to carry you. To support you. Trust that the path will find those who are ready.

With Love and Light,

Kate Robb

February Classes & Massage Specials

In honor of the planetary energy of February asking for us to focus more of self-care. We are offering some great discounts on Massage therapy!

1 Hour Swedish Massage :$75.00 

Pamper your Sweetheart with our Valentines Day Couples Massage Special!!

 Enjoy a 90 minute side by side hot stone massage at the discounted price of $200.   Gift Cards are available for purchase, but reservations are limited so call  to schedule before this offer expires.

The times they are a changing………

We have an exciting line- up of classes starting at Luminessence! There is definitely an energy in the air for healing and self-awareness. It’s our goal to help promote this energy and give some direction to those in search of healing and enlightenment!

We began the month with an very special and long awaited workshop lead by Diane Enderson. Diane’s shared with us her story of healing and enlightenment in a question and answer based seminar. Providing a look into her 40+ year journey of expansion and enlightenment. Diane highlighted her Shamanic journeys through Central America up to her healing practice of present day. We are so very blessed to have Diane continue her healing practice here with us at Luminessence.

On Thursday the 7th Reiki Master Cai King lead the first of several Chakra Balancing classes. This evenings class offered a variety of hands on techniques for connecting to and healing the Sacral and Root Chakras! These classes have been a big hit and are a welcome addition for our clients. Just a reminder to RSVP early to insure your spot! !https://www.meetup.com/Healing-Health-Education-Luminessence/

Ever other Tuesday beginning on February 12th. Group Life Coaching With Crystals lead by Becky Wilson. This class is truly one of a kind. Highlighting Becky’s multi-faceted practice in Pranic Healing, Karuna Reiki, 4 Winds Shamanism, Emotional Healing, as well as strengthening the body through diet/nutrition, fitness, and tying it all together with Life Coaching she is able to help individuals set several personal goals and then find the commonalities in these areas using her expertise of multiple modalities, It is a unique and expansive course that is meant to not only help you achieve your goals, but to also allow healing and self empowerment.

We are also looking to nurture your creative side with our upcoming Vision Board 101 Class Sunday February 17th 1:00pm-2:30pm. Join us for a fun event that will help you to focus and create a 2019 vision board that depicts your goals for the year ahead. Cost is just $20.00 and all materials will be provided!

Speaking of Fun!!!!!!https://www.meetup.com/Luminessence-The-Light-Within/events/258349889/


Join me Kate Robb for a fun filled night of rock talk and gemstones. This is a free event you are welcome to bring any of your crystals and working stones you have questions on how to use for healing or crystal grid placement. This will be a Q & A event leading us into my next crystal grid course in March.

Please continue to visit our web page at www.luminessencethelightwithin.com for updates on classes. And, keep your eyes open for our patiently awaited Restorative Yoga Classes that will be offered weekly starting in March.

Many Blessings my friends,

Let your Light Shine!!!!


New Moon in Aquarius

The Winds of Change are upon us!

Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying this stormy weather as much as I am! Tornado warnings aside!

Speaking of storms, this New Moon energy is ushering in some big winds of change! The energetic themes for February are all about self-love and self-care. Monday’s New Moon asks us to stand up in our divine truths and to stop making excuses for behaviors and old patterns that can no longer be tolerated. The balances of power both internally and externally are moving us towards drastic shifts in our consciousness.

We also have a square happening in the sun signs of Pluto, Uranus and Mars. This square energy is asking for us to find better ways of resolving our problems. When planets square each other we can feel like we are in an energetic tug -of- war. In this case the energy theme of the planets demand a purge, a purification of our limiting beliefs and reactive emotional responses. A reset point if you will. A tidal wave of change to clean up these old patterns and life themes so many of us habitually practice. With these planetary influences demanding so many changes, it is easy to see how the internal shadow aspects of our personalities will be stirring up emotions such as anger, irritation and determined willfulness. Oh boy…. stormy skies are indeed ahead. https://astrostyle.com/aspects/square/

As Chiron moves into the sign of Aries mid February a new cycle of change and awakening is upon us. The time is now for clearing up any unfinished business from June of 2010. For the past 9 years Uranus has been in the sign of Aries which initially would have asked each of us to journey down our life path’s with more of the playful, adventurous energy guiding us. During these stormy times a resurfacing of our truths is ultimately the theme of February with the Uranus square Pluto return. At this time Mars has also joined the party so get ready for some fireworks. Now is the time for planting the seeds for a greater good! Use this new moon energy to find where you fit into the bigger, better picture of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our February massage specials and our upcoming  new and improved class schedule  here at Luminessence!

With so much Love,