Kate Robb : Intuitive Healer begin her healing work in Fresno in 2006. She is the owner and creative essence behind Luminessence. Kate is a certified massage therapist known for her advanced skills in Reflexology and her work with essential oils. As an empath and energy intuitive Kate uses her gifts to look deeper into her clients soulful needs and can help to bring to light that which has been unseen. Kate strives to offer clients long- lasting healing and soul- urged insight through her multi-faceted approach to body work and her intuitive energy readings. Kate is also trained Cranial Sacral Therapy and helps clients move out of the fascia restrictions caused by injury or surgery. Kate is a certified Holy Fire/ Karuna Reiki Master she shares her passion for energy healing, working with crystals and soul centered education through a variety of classes and workshops here at Luminessence.

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Cai King: Empowerment Coaching & Reiki – Joy Transforms Life. Everyone needs three types of friends: the friend that is the soft shoulder to cry on – ‘there, there, sweetie,’ the friend who will defend you to the end – ‘how dare they do that to you!’ and the friend who holds the mirror up and asks – ‘OK, what’s your part in this equation?’ As an Empowerment Coach, I am like having a three-in-one friend. Through a combination of processes, that include specific questioning, meditations, and interventions, empowerment coaching helps shift you out of that stuck place where you feel disconnected from your authentic self to a place of greater clarity.

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