A New Path Emerges-

Happy New Year!!! The wheel has once again turned and a new year with new opportunities awaits us all. This last year brought many changes to Luminessence and I welcome the shifts these changes will allow me in the months ahead.

Whats new? I have decided to downsize my practice in order to focus more on the calling I have heard now for the last year. I have a new location and have joined forces with The Good Therapy Collective. The plan is to still host classes in our new spacious classroom as well as to continue to cross collaborate with the many amazing and talented healers in the Central Valley, I also plan to expand these classes to offer specialised healing retreats in 2022. Mt Shasta is at the top of the list for retreat offerings with intention to expand this to other sacred sights as they call. I still have an abundant crystal inventory with all sorts of healing tools available and as always our library of holistic healing material to share with our guests at our new office located at 2763 E Shaw Avenue directly across from the Save Mart Center.

With the closing of Luminessence Healing and Health Education Center the remaining practitioners have shifted to either opening their own practice or joining forces with other healing collectives. Kim Del Pozo is now offering massage and skin care at Fig Garden Wellness, and Javier Huerta has opened his own massage practice near River Park. I am excited and proud of them for their commitment to their calling. Cai King will be joining me at The Good Therapy Collective and I can’t wait to see what classes she plans to share as I know we are all itching to come back together and share with one another.

Luminessence The Light Within is re- emerging and after learning so much over the last three years I am excited to be moving forward again into this next chapter of collective healing. The word Emanate comes to mind as I write this. Many of the experiences over the last few years have taken us through a whirlwind of change and challenges both personally and collectively. Sometimes hindsight is 2020, pun intended. I am reminded that the light emanating for Source will always guide us through and light the path ahead. Follow the path, listen to its guidance and it will always take you where you seek.

With Love and Light,

Kate Robb

Luminessence The Light Within

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