While we wait…

We miss the in-person community at Luminessence! We send all of you wishes for peace & harmony until such time as we are allowed to re-open the office and we are able to connect together in our healing space. We will keep you updated as we learn more about the directives for resuming business.

In the meantime, here’s a meditation resource for you

If you’re feeling bombarded by the ‘this is/that is’ noise coming at us from every direction, I’m sharing a quick meditation you can download at my site, Hummingbird Alchemy. It works to open & balance the throat chakra and it’s been getting great reviews. The photo or caption link will take you there. Let me know how it works for you.

But wait! 💎 There’s more!

Kate is cooking up some new crystal options, so stay tuned to this space for her reveal in the very near future! 💎💎💎

And both Kate & I are still available for on-line or phone distance healing sessions.


Ta-dah! a Daffodil

Every year I text my mother a photo of my first sighting of her favorite flower – the daffodil. This year I caught a glimpse one week before Mr. Groundhog was even headed to his doorway. It might not seem such a big deal to those of us in California, but to someone like my mom who lives in the far northern reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula it’s a tantalizing treat, a movie-trailer for May’s coming attractions in her own back yard.

There’s something spontaneous and magical about daffodils as they stand in simple yet elegant confidence that reminds me of our Solar Plexus chakra. Sitting right there at the base of our ribs, it’s the center of our self-confidence.  Like the sunny yellow daffodil, the Solar Plexus is our personal calling card, trumpeting self-assurance and willpower into the world. It calls out,

Move aside winter, I’ve got something to show you. Hear what I have to say!”

How many of us are able to stand comfortably in our body, radiating a surety and optimism that is our birthright? Do you feel it? Maybe responsibility, illness, grief, or worry have weighed you down and dimmed your splendor and you want to feel that buoyancy again.

Radiate your light.

If you feel like it’s time for a reset, we have all types of practitioners at Luminessence that are here to help.

Does your skin glow with confidence? Mary Farrior of Fresno Skin Care has recently added her talents to Luminessence.

Help your body radiate strength and health with one of the many massage therapies from the talented Javier Huerta, Elle Jacinto, Cathy Lizardo, or Page Peters.

Does it feel like your willpower is clouded by an old emotional pattern? Contact Diane Enderson, Cai King, or Kate Robb to begin to shift that stale energy and find your resilience.

Perhaps you want to take a deeper look at the connection of confidence and your soul’s purpose through an astrology reading with Alexandra, another new face at Luminessence.

Looking for insight? Check our calendar or Meetup app for scheduled classes on a variety of topics.

We have a service that will help you stand true and confident.

And in the meantime…

Here’s a yoga asana that will connect you to your Solar Plexus and Heart energy centers:


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Toes pointed forward and knees soft, not locked. Activate your feet by grounding your heels and lift your toes off the floor to wiggle them briefly. Now stand on your toes, lifting your heels off the ground. Next, with feet flat on the ground, roll your feet to the outside edges, then, bring your knees together as you roll to the inside edges of your feet.

With your feet activated and flat on the floor, imagine roots flowing down from the soles of your feet and pull light up those roots, through your feet and legs as you scrunch your shoulders towards your ears. As you drop your shoulders and roll them back your hands will naturally open to the front, lifting your heart and bringing your Solar Plexus forward into the present. “Ta-dah!sana here I am!” as my friend @yoga_sista likes to say.

Share your Ta-dah! with us in the comments.

Thanks for spending a moment with me looking at things from ground level,

Say “yes” to…

During a talk about gaining financial control of your life, I once heard author and financial advisor Suze Orman ask, “Are you saying ‘yes’ out of fear, or ‘no’ out of love?” Suddenly, for me, the chaotic drama of interpersonal relationships coalesced into a self-awareness of why I answered “yes” when I really, really heard and felt the “no” screaming throughout every part of me. Why wasn’t I saying “yes” to myself? Sure it made sense when I got angry, I had been used, or at least caught unawares, right? They should have known better than to take advantage of me like that!

No, I should have known better and over the years I have gotten better about defining myself and my needs. I continue to learn what makes for healthy personal boundaries and how best to maintain them. It’s a journey and it starts with saying “yes” to yourself.

Learn more about Personal Boundaries

Join me at Luminessence Saturday, October 5th from 10 am – 1 pm for Personal Boundaries: Identifying & Maintaining. We will use discussion and interactive techniques to learn to identify and maintain healthy physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries. Empower yourself!

Cost of class is $60. Register and secure your spot right here. Seats are limited!

Healthy boundaries protect your core beauty.

Hope to see you Saturday!


postscript details

Wear comfortable clothes. Writing materials will be available but bring your favorite journal if you have one. This class is best suited for adults 18 years or older. If you have questions, please email me cai@hummingbirdalchemy.com


Hello August!

For those of you who haven’t met me yet, my name is Cai (rhymes with ‘day’) and I am a Reiki practitioner, Empowerment Coach, and mindfulness teacher here at Luminessence. Today I’m sharing a thought with you on intentions.

Afterwards, I invite you to visit my website Hummingbird Alchemy to find out more about Reiki and my healing journey (and… pssst… get a thank you gift when you subscribe to my email!)


Here’s a word we encounter often, especially as we delve more deeply into understanding ourselves and the world around us. We hear ‘be clear in your intention’ and ‘hold the intention for the highest good’ but how do we do that? Think positive, right?

There-in lies a bit of the confusion, I believe, when it comes to living a life with purpose and intention: We think too much! Our brains are pattern-seeking devices with a job of categorizing every nanosecond of our lives. Each category creates fat file folders that manufacture more sub-folders until we have a bulging file cabinet with drawers that don’t close and countless piles scattered across our thoughts.

Try this

So I’m suggesting you try something a little different the next time you set an intention and this goes back to an earlier etymology of the word intendere – to stretch out. Stretch out beyond just thinking and engage all your senses in the process. Spend a bit of quiet time and run the idea through each of your five physical senses. What does that intention look and sound like? How does it feel to the touch? There will be a unique taste and smell to that intention. Let it take full sensual shape in your imagination and let it stretch out into your life and take root. As it roots, so will the enthusiasm that will feed its growth. Try it!


Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master & Empowerment Coach

P.S. Check out my new site Hummingbird Alchemy to find out more about me, Reiki, Empowerment Coaching, special package deals and scheduling an appointment.

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WHOA, it’s 2019!

Hello out there 🙂

With a new year comes the desire to bring new experiences into our lives and with new experiences, new perspectives and new (and improved!) thoughts follow. One very new event we want you to know about is the opening of Luminessence Healing and Health Education Center. This community of multi-modality healing practitioners is eager to support you along your healing path through one-on-one session work, classes and referrals.

Speaking of classes at Luminessence: here are some ideas from my recent Grounding and Grow Yourself class:

Water is a sublimely grounding element. Healer Diane Enderson recommends holding on to the hose while you garden. The feeling of flowing water clears your energy while it grounds you (holding on to the faucet while filling the sink works, too) because we, as well as our planet, are made mostly of water. This act reinforces our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth. Be mindful as you hydrate yourself, too, which increases the clearing, grounding, and replenishing nature of water.

Hematite is just one of the many crystals and stones that resonate with a sense of security and safety. It’s probably one of my favorites to sit and be still with. Interested in crystal healing? Check Luminessence for practitioners and classes.

Own your right to be here. Being grounded and present allows you to express this in the most balanced and healthy way. Nothing like a massage to fortify my feeling of self-worth.

Head to Toe special anyone?

Aware. Appreciate. Applause. A simple, but often overlooked technique, applauding, is a great grounding technique. Think about your favorite sporting event or concert: present in the moment, expressing gratitude, stomping your feet and clapping your hands. Now, do that for yourself. Really, I mean it. Close the door if you must but just do it. Tell me that didn’t make your heart crack a little smile.

Be truly,

Cai King Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher ~ Hummingbird Alchemy

A Message From The Owner – Kate Robb

Hello All!

My name is Kate Robb. I am the Owner of Luminessence Healing & Health Education Center. I am so very excited to roll out or first newsletter! After a build-out and total office remodel was completed in October, we opened our doors for clients November 1st of 2018.

The last few months has been a whirlwind of exciting beginnings, healing, rejuvenating and mindful learning at Luminessence and we’d love for you to stop by to see our new space on the southwest corner of Cedar/Teague in Northwest Fresno, across from Clovis West High School.

We have many healing modalities to offer so please visit our website www.luminessencethelightwithin.com for our service menu. Or, give us a call at (559) 977-8292 to schedule your appointment and RSVP for upcoming classes.

I am so looking forward to a bright year of healing ahead.

Let your light shine!