The Full Snow Super Moon.

This evening under a crisp night sky the moon moves into perigee, its closest position to the Earth, for a second time this year!
This full moon is at zero degrees of Virgo and represents a time of deeper awakening.
For many, we may feel hit by a sudden awareness, a spotlight of energy focused on helping us to feel aspects of our inner-knowing, previously easy to ignore.

This Lunar cycle is occurring on a Virgo/Pisces axis, reminding us to honor the fragile balance between light and dark forces. During this time many are experiencing the illumination of vast aspects of our multidimensional souls.

Symbolically Pisces is represented by two fish swimming opposite one another, a reminder of the ever changing interplay that light and dark forces have upon one another. This time brings forward an awaking of awareness, and it is during such times many feel they are in a crisis of consciousness.

With the full moon shining on the water element of Pisces, we are called to reflect on the trails and tribulations that have carried us this far. We are also reminded to honor and celebrate our hard work and perseverance that brought us here; to where were are today. At the same time, Virgo’s influence begs us to find a way to blend our day-to-day routines with our ever-present spiritual needs and nature. Physical health issues may come to light at this time. The disharmony of the moment vs. our knowing of our infinite-self is an aspect to focus on during this full moon.

February’s full moon is also know as the “wolf moon” or the” full hunger” moon. It’s energy reflects on the surface of waters that hold the darkest depths of our souls.

It is in these depths that lie our deepest hidden fears and buried emotions. It is upon these same waters that this moon shines it’s light, bringing old hindrances forward and self-imposed limitations to the surface.

We are ready to move forward unburdened. Lifting these heavy feelings and thoughts into the healing light of the moon. Lifting these limitations allows us to move forward to a clearer, brighter, more balanced future.

Are there things that have constantly held you back in the past? Limitations of self that you have believed were a life sentence? Energy of lack that has held you back from being all that you were always destined to become? The time is ripe to change these old patterns and to move into a more balanced consciousness here on Earth.

Many are feeling an aspect of: Do It Now, time is running out. It is an eyes-wide-open sense, where we will be receiving strong messages of intuition. These feelings are being called to the surface after a period earlier this year where we felt stuck or constantly boxed into frustrating situations.

Go within. The Light of YOU is waiting there.

This “illumination” is showing us any imbalances between work and service, criticism and acceptance. The vast shades of grey in an ever-diminishing right-or-wrong collective.

It is time to express yourself! Stand up proud. Be you! Open your eyes wide to the world around you. Release old fears and trappings of the heart. Swim freely. Float through the hard times knowing that the way is here to carry you. To support you. Trust that the path will find those who are ready.

With Love and Light,

Kate Robb

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