A Total Eclipse of the Moon

I write to you this evening, the 20th of January. Tonight I sit listening to the waves crash against the rocky shore of the California coast. A cool ocean breeze whispers music to my soul. This clear dark sky sets the perfect back drop for a blanket of stars, which showcase this wonderful, radiant moon that shines over the ocean.

Oh how I have missed you!

Being in my happy place re-inspires me! Feeling the energy of this Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo, helps to brings me into a deep state of reflection. I am reminded. I remember my truths with gratitude.

I am feeling so very thankful and supported.

This moment for me is one of rest, renewal and joy. The past few months have held so much excitement and busy-ness. I have really been missing these moments where I am able to stop, reflect and check in on me…

The build-out and the whirlwind opening of Luminessence Healing & Health Education Center. The overwhelming craziness of the Holidays, and the excitement of the New Year that followed. I have to admit, while the last couple months held so many long planned dreams come true, I really felt like I was on a ride that might never end!

It is time now to reset, to revisit goals and to look inward, conversing once again with my internal landscape for the wisdom needed to forge ahead.

Full moons are wonderful reflections of the emotional states that so many of us normally keep hidden. While the bright light of a full moon reflects to us that these emotions must surface and heal in order for us to move forward. A lunar eclipse during a full moon amplifies this emotional energy and helps serve as a turning point in our lives.

This blood moon eclipse serves as a truthful and powerful reflection of ones heightened emotional energy. Reminding each one of us of the ways we are called to close one chapter and open another.

This full moon happens to be in the constellation Leo, during the season of Aquarius. This powerful combination of the Lion and the Water Bearer intends that for humanity there is to be a deep stirring – a powerful unlocking of events that help us to better align with our soul’s destiny. Leo is all about self expression, while Aquarius wants what is best for the the group, or the greater entirety of humanity.

This time for many is symbolic of what we were working through previously in 2012. What lessons and truths will you carry with you as reference points as you make your way into year 2019?

This full lunar eclipse stands as a marked point in the sands of time.

A vector point that lays to rest that which no longer serves you, allowing clearer visions for the future, freeing you and supporting your continued growth as you to continue the climb.

As humanity races forward, what will your part be? Who are you, what is the legacy you were born to live on this planet? What makes you special? Each and every one of us is special, and what we offer each other is so very important. https://foreverconscious.com/the-cosmic-energy-of-aquarius-season-2019

Everyone of us has a unique and meaningful part to play on the stage of today.

It is my wish to see us moving toward a brighter future, one where we all care for our Mother Earth.

A time where we begin to see each other as valuable parts of a greater whole. This is the time that we are reminded to hold tight to the light during the storms that shake and stir us so deeply these days.

We are all feeling this line in the sand….. We are all being asked to stand firm in the truths that can no longer be denied. The time for positive, unified change is upon us. What do you bring to the table? What will be your markers of strength and truth as you forge the climb ahead of you? http://www.astroinfinity.com/current_inf.html

The planets align for us. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Happy Eclipsing : )

With peace and SO much LOVE,


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  1. Thank you for the beautiful message Kate! This year is bringing new changes for me. I’m retiring from Chiropractic the end of March. ❤️

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